Dimensions Of A Double Garage/Prefabricated Garage: Width, Depth, Height

Dimensions Of A Double Garage/Prefabricated Garage: Width, Depth, Height

Double garages have always been very popular and over the years there are more and more suppliers who offer prefabricated garages made of different materials in addition to the classic brick garage. When choosing a double garage, the dimensions are particularly important so that two vehicles can be parked without any problems and there is still enough freedom of movement. This is why you should know about it.

The double garage is a popular type of garage because it either offers space for two vehicles or a lot of storage space for different activities. For example, you can set up a workshop or even a home theater if your living space is not worth it. Double garages are available in a variety of materials and the prefab garage is particularly popular as it can even be built by the buyer themselves as long as the foundation is in place. Before purchasing, it is important to know about the respective sizes that are available to you when making your selection. With these standard values, you can easily check the space requirements for the garage in advance.

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Dimensions of a double garage

The required dimensions for double garages are basically the same as for single garages:

1. Width: Width describes the dimensions of the garage when viewed from the front or rear. It is the most important measurement for the double garage as it determines how wide each vehicle can be. The dimensions are based on a frame that ranges from 5.05 meters to 7.95 meters, which is the standard for double garages. Only a few manufacturers offer larger widths. However, 5.05 meters is definitely the minimum size for the double garage. The individual widths at a glance:

  • 5.05m
  • 5.30 m
  • 5.45m
  • 5.55m
  • 5.80 m
  • 5.85m
  • 6.05m
  • 6.25m
  • 6.30 m
  • 6.55m
  • 6.80 m
  • 6.95m
  • 7.05m
  • 7.30 m
  • 7.55m
  • 7.80 m
  • 7.95m

2. Depth or length (depending on the manufacturer): the depth determines the dimensions of the garage in relation to the space from the door to the back wall. This space is required for parking the vehicle and must fit snugly so you can close the gate while the vehicle does not nose into it. You should calculate the depth primarily based on your vehicle or the storage space you have in mind. For longer vehicles you will definitely need more depth and should take this into account when planning. The individual values ​​at a glance:

  • 5.12m
  • 5.30 m
  • 5.50 m
  • 5.55m
  • 5.70 m
  •  5.80 m
  • 5.95m
  • 6.05m
  • 6.10 m
  •  6.30 m
  • 6.50 m
  • 6.55m
  • 6.80 m
  • 6.90 m
  • 6.95m
  • 7.05m
  • 7.30 m
  • 7.55m
  • 7.70 m
  • 7.80 m
  • 7.95m
  • 8.05m
  • 8.10m
  • 8.30 m
  • 8.50m
  • 8.55m
  • 8.80m
  • 8.84m

The depth has the largest frame for all dimensions of a prefabricated garage and can thus be individually adjusted to the vehicle size. Values ​​from 8 meters are particularly recommended for MPVs, station wagons and sports cars.

3. Height: the height is quite low for normal vehicles and on average two to three meters or a little more is enough here. This is also very good for all forms of leisure activities, workshops or hobby rooms that you want to implement in the double garage. The following values ​​can be used together with the others:

  • 2.23m
  • 2.35m
  • 2.45m
  • 2.60 m
  • 2.72m
  • 3.00m
  • 3.20 m

With the classic double garage, you must be careful not to park tall vehicles in it, as they simply do not fit in the garage. Other garage types are much better suited for this. Nevertheless, these are sufficient for the majority of all cars, bicycles and motorcycles or quads.

An important point that you must not forget about the dimensions is the difference between the outside and inside dimensions. All of the above values ​​describe the external dimensions of the parts of the prefabricated garage. The internal dimensions, on the other hand, describe the individual values ​​for the walls when they are plastered, painted and provided with electronic or sanitary cables and pipes. Possible insulation is also included in this measure.

Tip: for the widths and depths of the prefabricated garage, the distances are always counted in increments of 25 or 40 centimetres. Each manufacturer can choose one of the two variants, which makes the dimensions suitable for a wide variety of property sizes.

Special garages

In addition to the depths, widths and heights of the double garages mentioned above, there are three special dimensions that are offered by some manufacturers and represent an even larger variant of the garage type. In most cases, these only occur in exactly this form and cannot be combined with one another or changed:

  • Width 8.35 mx height 3.40 mx depth 9.24 m
  • Width 8.75 mx height 3.60 mx depth 9.24 m
  • Width 9.15 mx height 4.00 mx depth 9.24 m

The following garage types must also be mentioned here, all of which use special dimensions and represent a double garage in an extended form:

1. Big box garages: this type of garage is offered by some providers and is slightly larger than the classic double garage. It roughly corresponds to the wide-space garages for single garages. As a prefabricated garage, it is available in a different number of dimensions:

  • Width in m: 5.05, 5.45, 5.85
  • Height in m: 2.45, 2.60, 2.72, 3.00, 3.20
  • Depth in m: 5.12, 5.30, 5.50, 6.00, 7.00, 8.00, 8.90

Intermediate values ​​are also possible with Big Box garages, but depend heavily on what the manufacturer offers. However, these dimensions are also within the framework of the standards.

2. Duplex garage: A duplex garage is a double garage in which cars can be stacked on top of each other. Duplex garages are sized as double garages and offer space for up to four cars. The dimensions for the garage are as follows:

  • Width in m: from 2.30
  • Height in m: from 2.90
  • Depth in m: 5.20 to 6.00

You will need to obtain specific measurements from the manufacturer when selecting a double duplex garage, however the above values ​​are the typical minimum garage size. Without this height and width, no two vehicles would fit in the garage, since a special technique is used here to stack the vehicles on top of each other.

3. Long garage: At first glance, a long garage looks like a single garage, but it is actually a double garage that is particularly deep. For this reason, the depth of these is one of the most important values ​​of all. They are particularly good for plots that are quite small but long. Typical dimensions are:

  • Width in m: 2.50 to 3.00
  • Height in m: 2.10 to 2.40
  • Depth in m: 8.00 to 10.00

Two vehicles fit perfectly in these garages, even if you have to park them in a row. The storage space in the rear of the garage is also ideal for numerous leisure activities or workshops.

4. Special garages that work for RVs, SUVs and minibuses: these double garages must be higher than the other garages, especially when it comes to RVs and minibuses. The dimensions in detail:

  • Width in m: 2.50 to 4.00
  • Height in m: 2.50 to 4.00
  • Depth in m: 5.10 to 9.00

They mostly look like a cube from the front, although they can vary in depth. The longer depth is also necessary because the vehicle types are usually longer. If you only use such vehicles, such a special garage is particularly good. This means you don’t have to worry about whether they really fit in the garage.

With these special types of double garages, you have different options in relation to your vehicles or projects. Be sure to consider the measurements as a framework, as each manufacturer can offer different measurements. However, as with the dimensions for conventional double garages, steps of 25 or 40 centimeters are typical. A consultation is definitely recommended here.


The clearance height and width is an important value that you must not forget when calculating the dimensions, otherwise you could have problems parking. Typically, the following values ​​must be observed:

  • Headroom: about 30 cm will be deducted from the height
  • Passage width: about 50 cm will be deducted from the width

If you now have a garage measuring 6.25 x 2.60 x 5.95 meters, subtract 50 cm from the width and 30 cm from the height. You then arrive at a value of 5.75 x 2.30 x 5.95 meters for your garage.